9-Year-Old Girl Wrote A Thank You Letter To State Police With $10 Bill Stuffed Inside But It Was Her Next Act Of Kindness That Took Everyone By Surprise, What A Role Model

Quiz by Polls on January 4, 2018

Nine-years-old Brooke was at a gas station — Sheetz,  wishing to buy a dozen doughnut holes. Unfortunately, she didn’t have enough money, but to her surprise, a kind police officer behind her asked the cashier to add her doughnut holes to his bill. The nervous girl quickly ran out of the building.

When she got home, she wrote a thank you a letter and mailed it to the local police station, hoping to find the generous trooper. She included a $10 bill with the note to reward him for his kindness.

The officer did indeed receive her letter and everyone at the station was so moved by her actions, they wanted to do the same for her. They collected and mailed her a $50 bill and a Toys R Us gift card for her generosity and kindness.

To everyone’s surprise, Brooke decided to spend that gift card and money on toys to then donate to Toys for Tots. She didn’t use any of it on herself!

The officers at the police station were in disbelief and wanted to do something extra special for this incredible girl. They invited her to the station and showered her with gifts, gave her a tour, and made her promise to use some of the gifts and gift certificates on herself.

Congratulations on being a wonderful human, Brooke! We hope you continue to pay it forward.

h/t: liftable

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