Bride Walks Down Aisle Toward Her Wheelchair-Bound Groom. To Her Surprise He Stood Up…

Quiz by Polls on January 23, 2017

Kevin broke his leg and sadly he developed an unusual nerve disorder  called reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome – RSD, as a result of his injury. It was a very severe case and doctors had no other option, than to amputate his leg.

Devastated, Kevin lost his passion for life, until one day, thirteen years later, he met Kim.

Kevin’s entire outlook changed the day he met Kim, which he describes as “love at first sight.” Kim was unlike any other woman he had met before.

She loved him for who he was and made that very clear before her wedding when she said, “His heart makes up for any lack of limb he has… he’s the most amazing human being I have ever met in my entire life.”

Inspired by her love, he took matters into his own hands, and with the help of physical therapy, he surprised her on their wedding day, in a way, she did not expect.

Watch the emotional moment, the two embrace like never before.

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