Horses Step Out Into The Snow And Immediately Regret It. Their Reaction Has The Internet Laughing With Tears

Quiz by Polls on January 25, 2018

Even the biggest snow lovers tend to hide indoors when faced with a snowstorm and extremely cold weather. This applies to kids and animals who generally enjoy the chilly white fluff.

Mother nature takes care of her own and thankfully most animals are well equipped to survive the cold months, and horses are no exception.

The Bangor Daily News explains that horses adapt well to cold weather for a few reasons. One thing that helps horses stay warm is the way their lustrous winter coat raises to keep their internal body temperature up and the cold air away.

Additionally, some owners try to further protect their pets, including horses, by putting clothes on them or wrapping them up in blankets.

This owner decided to let her horses out to play in the snow, but she had no idea that they would react like this…

h/t: faithtap

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