Mercilessly Bullied Teen Commits Suicide In Front Of Her Family

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18-year-old, Brenda Vela, committed suicide in front of her family at their Texas home after months of relentless torment on social media.

Brandy Vela sent an email to her family on Tuesday to let them know she planned to kill herself. They immediately hurried to their Texas City house to find her alive, with a gun pressed to her chest, but sadly, they could not convince her to put it down.

“I was the first one here,” said Jacqueline Vela, Brandy’s older sister, describing the last moments she had with her. “I heard someone crying so I ran upstairs and I looked in her room and she’s against the wall and she has a gun pointed at her chest and she’s just crying and crying and I’m like, ‘Brandy please don’t, Brandy no,'” Jacqueline said.

Vela’s parents and grandparents were also at the home when she fatally shot herself. Her father, Raul Vela, broke down as he recounted his blue-eyed daughter’s final moments.

“We tried to persuade her to put the gun down but she was determined,” he told KHOU. “She said she’d come too far to turn back. It was very unfortunate that I had to see that. It’s hard when your daughter tells you to turn around. You feel helpless.”

“I was in my parents’ room and I just heard the shot and my dad just yelled, ‘Help me, help me, help me,'” Jacqueline recalled.

Brenda was tormented by cyber bullies, who had set up fake profiles, using her pictures and personal information, saying she was actually soliciting sex.

Harassing calls led the teenager to change her phone number and file a report with police about the bogus accounts, but the bullying persisted.

“[The police] couldn’t do anything because [the suspects] used an app and it wasn’t traceable, and they couldn’t do something until something happened, like they fight,” her sister Jackie Vela told CNN.

“I’m glad you got what you wanted. I hope this makes you happy,” Victor Vela, 19, said, talking directly to the bullies he said targeted his younger sister.

In a final text to her sister, the 18-year-old wrote: “I love you so much, please remember that, and I’m sorry for everything.”

Texas City police are investigating her death as a cyber-bullying crime.

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