4 Year-Old Girl Posed In Her Late Mother’s Wedding Dress During A Tear-Jerking Photoshoot

Quiz, Video by Polls on November 14, 2016

Young mom, Amber Davis, was diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer. The brutal reality shattered her dream to see her daughter , Nora, walk the aisle in her wedding dress. This is when Amber asked her friend, photographer Heidi Spillane, if they could set up a photoshoot for Nora so she might at least be able see her daughter in the dress. Sadly, she passed away before the photooshot took place. Spillane, however, did not give up on the idea, and with the help of Amber’s husband, Derek, she managed to make her dream come true. Derek and Nora returned to the wedding venue, with the wedding dress and created stunning, yet emotional photoshoot in a loving memory of Amber.

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