Disturbed ‘Friend’ Plots To ‘Cut’ Baby Out Of Teen’s Womb. Luckily The Expectant Mom Foils Her Plan

Quiz by Polls on November 5, 2017

Angelique Robledo from Arizona was only 17-years-old when she found out she was pregnant. Despite her young age, she was ready to make adjustments and all the necessary changes to become a good mom. She already knew she loved her baby.

A few months later she became friends with Kassandra Toruga, a teenager, who claimed to be pregnant. Angelique had no reason to doubt Toruga’s claim that she was pregnant as she used a picture of an ultrasound as her profile picture on MySpace. The two bonded over their pregnancy experiences and looked forward to being teen moms.

Unexpectedly, Angelique was faced with any mom’s worst fear – Kassandra had an evil plan to steal her unborn baby. Luckily, Angelique managed to escape and both her bab and her were unharmed.

Watch the video below to see the twisted plot that had been laid out for the unsuspecting Angelique and her unborn baby.

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