Mother Breastfeeds 5 Year Old Daughter To “Unlock Her Full Potential” And Does Not Intend To Stop

Quiz, Video by Polls on December 3, 2016

Miira Dawson, 36, from Poole in Dorset, believes that breastfeeding is the key to ‘health and IQ benefits’ for daughter Tara, 5 and son Ray Lee, 2. She nurses both of them three times a day and shares the same bed. She does not intend on stopping until the age of 10 or as long as the kids feel comfortable.

To support her decision she said: “There’s research to support breastfed babies have higher IQs, but whether that’s because people who breastfeed are more educated, I’m not sure. Breastfeeding will allow them their full potential.”

Furthermore, “My children have never had to cry to sleep, or sleep on their own, or wake in the night and be afraid because I’m there,” she added. “I think it’s unnatural for children to sleep on their own. They are not biologically suited to sleep on their own. There’s a lot of research saying breastfeeding and bed sharing protects them from sudden death syndrome.”

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, extended breastfeeding is fine and not harmful as long as both parent and child wish to continue.

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