Mouthwatering -Potato Omelette Stuffed With Ham And Cheese Recipe

Quiz by Polls on September 7, 2017

A very tasty recipe. It is the typical spanish potato omelet but in this ocassion stuffed with ham and cheese like a sándwich. To prepare this stuffed omelette we will need the following ingredients:

3 medium potatoes
5 eggs
1/2 onion
4 ham slices
8 cheese sandwich slices
Olive oil

Prep Time: 45 minutes – the above ingredients are for 3 persons.

1.- In a pan over medium heat, add plenty of oil. After, add peeled and chopped potatoes and chopped onion into large pieces. Put a little of salt and let cook everything while stirring frequently with wood spoon about 10 minutes.

2.- Past this time, smash the potatoes with a spoon. Let cook about 5 minutes more while smash frequently, until get a solid mashed potato.

3.- In a bowl put the eggs. Add a little of salt and beat. After, add mashed potatoes, onion and mix until obtaining a homogeneous mass.

4.- Put a Little of oil in another little and deep pan over high heat. Above put 1/3 of the potato and egg mixture. With the spoon spread it all over the surface of the frying pan and on top, place 4 slices of cheese, 4 slices of ham and finally 4 other slices of cheese. (It’s an example, can put it at ease). Above, put the rest of potato and egg and with the spoon extend it so that the surface is very smooth. Cook over moderate heat about 5 minutes.

5.- With help of a dish, turn the omelette and introduce the other side in the pan. Pass the wooden spoon by the edges of the tortilla to compact it again, that is with a more round and more showy form. Cook about 5 minutes more.

6.- Finally, we took it out of the pan with the help of the plate. And… ready!


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