This Touching Video Captures The Powerful Relationship Between A Mother And Her Child

Quiz, Video by Polls on July 9, 2016

Charles Frank is a Brooklyn based film maker, who had a sudden revelation. After drifting apart with him parents, he found a way back, thanks to old home videos and the never ending love and support from his mother Dawn. In an interview with little thing he said:“The voicemails and home video made me reflect on my Mother’s support and love through the years,” […] “It’s just as powerful today as it was when I was 5 years old… even in the face of my recent neglect. That’s something I really look up to. To give without any expectation of a return is the most noble thing somebody can do. That said, my Mother deserves a return, and I hope this film is a step in the right direction.” This emotional video is so powerful it will make you think your own relationship with parents / children, and even bring you to tears!!

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